Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy March and Something New...

Wow!  Can't believe that this is the first Saturday in March!  I haven't blogged in almost a year!  Yikes!!  To tell you the truth our life hasn't been that exciting lately.  I am sure you are all aware of the routine we get into--Work, Work and more Work.  Our lives have been so busy we are going to try to spend time together as a family.  We have decided to purchase a travel trailer.  This decision was not make lightly.   

Do you know how much your have to consider?  I have learned more about weight and towing capabilities that I ever thought I would know. J and I researched online, looked at brick and mortar stores and talked to the many friends that we know that camp.  We made a short list of what we thought would work for our family and we have finally found a new to use camper that fit all of our requirements. 

On Friday, March 1, 2013 we purchased our very first travel trailer a 2009 Dutchmen Sport.  

Please check back as I hope to share pictures of our travel trailer and the adventures we take with her.

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