Sunday, September 28, 2014

Our First Week With The Vintage Camper

She has a name!!  RUBY

If you remember from last week we had a little trouble pulling Ruby home. So we asked around and we're given lots of suggestions.   Our problem was the tires!   How did we not know this??

After we finally figured out how to jack the camper up we got the tire off.  After we looked at it closely we decided it would need a brand new tire.

Hubby checked the remaining tire and declared that Ruby would be getting two new tires.  So our plan is to replace both tires this week.

This is how we left Ruby...

Sunday, September 21, 2014

An eventful weekend

Hey friends! 
Long time no post, but that is about to change because I have bought a brand new camper and I am going to take you all on my journey with me!  But first, I want to tell you the story of how this particular camper became mine.  

For the past two years I have pestered and badgered my husband about a vintage camper, I'll look at them online and I dream about them at night.  For the past 6 months I have scoured Facebook yard sale sites, Craigslist and anywhere else I can think of searching for a trailer that I could fix up and make mine.  Well yesterday we went to Tannehill State Park because they were having their annual third weekend trade days where they have vendors set up crafts in the back of the fairgrounds.  Well, as we entered into the park we saw a vintage camper camping and my husband agreed on our way out of the park we would stop and talk to them and ask them about their camper and how difficult was the restoration. 

  We were so surprised that this camper had a for sale sign on it.  My hubby was less than thrilled.  I was ecstatic!   We agreed  upon a price.  The couple wanted to finish camping for the weekend so we agreed to make payment and pick up on Sunday afternoon.  The owner remodeled the camper by himself and this was the first time they had camped in it.  They told us they just finished the camper and this was the first time they had ever camped in it.  He camped this weekend in order to sell it.  He told me how much he enjoyed working on this camper and he planned to use this money to purchase another vintage camper and remodel.

The camper is 10 feet long.  He told us this camper is between a 1965-1968 PlayMor.  Any ideas on how I can confirm?

This is the back and I love it.  I like the shape and I am love with the tail lights.

Take a peek at the inside...

These two decals are on the outside of the camper.  The first one is right outside the door.

This is on the back right above the drain.

Our trip home was only moderately eventful.  We left the state park and everything was going fine until we herd something go bump, like something hit the trailer.  Then the camper started swaying/shaking/bouncing up and down.  We pulled over and could not find anything wrong.  We started to pull it slow and noticed that the camper bounced up and down on one side.  Any idea what could be wrong?  What could we check?